Kids' Wedding Photo Scavenger Hunt

Kids' Wedding Photo Scavenger Hunt

Including kids on your wedding day is a must for many folks. Whether you have loads of little cousins, are at an age where most of your friends have reproduced, or simply want to enjoy the company of your favorite bambinos, incorporating children is frequently a part of the wedding planning conversation. The next part of that conversation, though, is usually “Will they even enjoy it?”

As adults, we can spend hours chatting, dancing, and eating. Children, on the other hand, require more active entertainment for their short attention spans. That’s why it’s wise to consider providing some extra fun for them on your big day, to shield them from boredom and, equally importantly, buy their parents more uninterrupted time on the dance floor.

bored kid at wedding. Photos from the Harty. Photo by Photos From The Harty

A scavenger hunt is an ideal way to keep kids busy. It requires a solid amount of time for the kids to complete, without requiring big budget for you. Additionally, this is an activity that can span age groups. Older kids can help the younger ones read, really little ones will get a kick out of simply chasing after the older ones, and even kids who are borderline too old (or “too cool”) will enjoy the competitive nature. Plus, kids are often oblivious to the details to an event. By forcing them to notice their surroundings, they’re likely to appreciate the special occasion more and remember it for years to come.

Here’s a photo scavenger hunt designed to keep your youngest wedding guests happy, busy, and never bored (printable PDF at the bottom):

Take a photo of:

  • You with a bridesmaid

  • You with someone who was born the same year as the groom

  • A grown up making a funny face

  • A bubbly drink

  • Someone eating dessert

  • Your favorite decoration

  • Someone doing a goofy dance move

  • Two people holding hands

  • Someone holding a microphone

  • Fancy flowers

  • A groomsman and bridesmaid together

  • A couple slow dancing

  • Someone the same age as (one of) the flower girl(s)

  • Someone wearing the color yellow

  • A kiss

  • A band member playing music

  • You on the dance floor

  • Someone who went to school with the bride

Printable PDF

Karen Gordon

Karen Gordon

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