8 Simple Backyard BBQ Tips & Tricks

8 Simple Backyard BBQ Tips & Tricks

Summer is here and that means vacations to the beach, going to concerts, and backyard BBQs. When planning your next BBQ party make it unique with these simple ideas.

1) Use lighting to create an awesome atmosphere once the sun goes down. These lights can be rented online here. Don’t forget to buy zip ties and snips for easy install and teardown.

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2) If there are kids at the BBQ have an activity box with fun games and toys to keep them entertained. Bubbles, chalk, and glow sticks are always a party pleaser.

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3) Games are a must at BBQs. While corn hole and can jam are classic backyard games, mix it up and have giant beer pong instead.

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4) Nothing is better on a hot day than an ice cold Snow Cone. Have each person make their own with this rentable sno-cone machine.

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5) Nobody likes digging through a cooler full of ice to find the one soda they’re looking for. Instead, label each of the coolers with what drink is inside. To ensure that the label doesn’t get ruined, use cardstock since it is a thicker paper and can hold up better. Also, since these labels will be near water, cover the label with packing tape for a DIY lamination.

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6) Summers can get hot, especially if you're standing in direct sunlight. Rent a tent to give people a place to hang out in the shade. Not sure what size tent you need? Click on the link here for an easy-to-use tent calculator that will help you decide the right tent size for your backyard BBQ.

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7) To keep the kids entertained after dark, set up a DIY Drive-In-Movie. All that’s needed is a white bed sheet, projector, and good movie. Don’t have a projector at home? Rent one here.

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8) For a surprise treat at the BBQ make watermelon Jello-Shots. Fair warning that if kids are at the BBQ they will want to eat these too! To keep the kids happy, make a kid-friendly version using this Blue Raspberry recipe (it’s a popular flavor and it will prevent any mix-ups between the adult version and kid version)

backyard bbq ideas. watermelon jello shots. https://pro.goodshuffle.com/blog

Karen Gordon

Karen Gordon

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