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Optimized Quotes & Client Experience

Building quotes is easy, and signing them is even easier. That’s why 50% of clients pay in under 5 minutes.

  • Drag-and-drop proposal builder with custom branding options.
  • Digital contracts with fast, secure, easy online payments.
  • Custom email templates that automate personal messages.
  • Online wishlist submissions through your Website Integration.

Inventory Management & Conflict Detection

Identify potential double-bookings before they happen, and find creative ways to say “yes” to more opportunities.

  • Immediate alerts for confirmed or potential inventory conflicts.
  • Alternate item suggestions for out-of-stock inventory.
  • Advanced conflict buffers for items & groups that need cleaning.
  • Ability to add, mark, and track sub-rented inventory.
DJ business rental inventory management
DJ business rental pull sheet

Streamlined Operations & Team Management

Organize the process of planning, prepping, and executing events from start to finish.

  • Digital pull sheets that update in real-time as proposals change.
  • Messaging, notes, and task assignments for team members.
  • Project trackers that record all activity from your team and clients.
  • Ability to sync event & project details with Google Calendar.

Advanced Financial Features & Business Reporting

From the moment a charge occurs to the moment it hits your bank account, track the flow of funds — and your revenue growth.

  • Financial Hub that centralizes all your business information.
  • Clear insight into when, where, and how you’re getting paid.
  • Visual reports on inventory trends and client activity.
  • Fast, flexible loans powered by Stripe Capital.
event business software financial reporting
event business customer service

World-Class Training & Customer Support

Get the help you need, when you need it, from a dedicated team of event technology experts.

  • Live video training sessions with knowledgeable team members.
  • Same-day responses on live chat support (Monday-Friday).
  • Help Center filled with articles, videos, and answers to FAQs.
  • Annual User Summit to meet & learn from other event pros.

5-star reviews from industry-leading DJ companies.

I haven't double-booked a single piece of software with Goodshuffle Pro. It's saved me so many headaches.
Brandon Peltz A2Z Music Factory
Goodshuffle Pro user, Brandon Peltz, of A2Z Music Factory and team
Goodshuffle has been a gamechanger for my business. We have only been using it for 3 months, but we have been looking for this event rental solution for years. I cannot express how happy we are to have found and implemented Goodshuffle.
Nick Muzzatti Snap Entertainment
With Goodshuffle Pro, we can now handle twice as many customers during the week, because we are working that much faster, while still being detailed in the process.
KC Campbell VOX DJs
Goodshuffle Pro has saved us so much time because everything is organized. With Goodshuffle Pro, we don’t have to go hunting for information that we should have at our fingertips.
Gary Bordman AE&ES

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