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Looking for powerful event rental software that's *actually* easy to use? Not all software companies are created equal. Learn why event professionals across North America have rated Goodshuffle Pro 5 stars on Capterra, and why more and more are making the switch.
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“Goodshuffle Pro is the closest thing to perfection we've found, and trust us— we've tried our fair share of programs. It's clear that Goodshuffle Pro was designed by real industry pros— they've thought of nearly everything. Not only do we love it, but our clients find it easy to navigate paying their bills and signing contracts. Our only regret is that we didn't find them sooner!”
Michelle Aldred, owner of Petal and Oak

Michelle Aldred

Petal and Oak

“We were slowly not hearing from IntelliEvent. Any time we reached out with concerns or needs, they would say it would cost more money. It was outdated and couldn't handle the various types of inventory we had. We needed better customer service and a tool to keep up with the larger events we were starting to do. Throughout the trial, the Goodshuffle Pro team held our hand every step of the way. And once we made the change, the service continued. It wasn’t all just for the sale.”
Goodshuffle Pro user, Melissa Carrier, from Total Events

Melissa Carrier

Total Events

“The longer we’ve been with Goodshuffle Pro, the more we know that we made the right decision. With RW Elephant, we were still using 4-5 different tools for 1 mission: booking clients and getting them through the sales process. It was just too much tedious work. Goodshuffle Pro stood out because of its logistics, tracking, planning, and all-in-one booking. It's saved us 10 hours per week.”

Cam Petty

Render Events

“This software was exactly what we were looking for. I cannot fathom ever going back to the way things were. Goodshuffle Pro has saved double booking and recounting, and gives us more time to be creative and to meet with potential clients. The Website Integration saved us during the pandemic. We searched for a software company for a couple years and ended up choosing Goodshuffle Pro. Seriously, it was the best decision ever! Once you have something that works so well, you stop looking.”
Unique QuickBooks Online integration for event professionals

Cathy Rost

I Do Decorating

“I've been very impressed by their product, but I'm even more hooked on their incredible customer service. I was previously using RW Elephant to generate proposals, but I was on the hunt for a better product that offered more. I was looking for something that had a strong proposal presentation, inventory tracking, and was easy to use at an affordable price. I tried out a few different software programs before finding Goodshuffle Pro.”
Goodshuffle Pro user, Jeremy LaBahn of event company Wonder Event Rentals

Jeremy LaBahn

Wonder Event Rentals

“Our old software was old and clunky. Goodshuffle Pro is so easy to use and has more to offer. The difference is like night and day— we're saving so much time. There are some many pros to Goodshuffle Pro, from how easy to use it is, to how I can work from literally anywhere, to my customers loving the ability to look over the quote, sign, and pay the deposit all using one link. The customer service is spectacular! I really can't say enough good things about this company and how much their software has helped us grow.”
Tremont Event Rentals team, users of Goodshuffle Pro

Shelby Glasser

Tremont Rentals

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