Follow This Company’s Lead and Cut Your Closing Time in HALF!

Follow This Company’s Lead and Cut Your Closing Time in HALF!

SNAP! Entertainment is an event company that specializes in FUN! Nick Muzzatti, an #eventprof since 2003 and the owner of SNAP! since 2017, is a genuine, dedicated individual who puts his clients’ needs at the forefront of every decision. He’s fully invested in SNAP! and is passionate about delivering the fun to people who rent his arcade games, photo booths, VR activations, and more. Just from speaking to Nick, you can tell he’s driven to put smiles on his customers’ faces. In fact, his company name is an acronym for:

  • Smile
  • Never give up
  • Always be nice
  • People first
  • ! and the exclamation point to emphasize the energy, excitement, and wow-factor behind the company

Before it was SNAP! Entertainment, the company was called Carnival Day. In 2003 Nick started as a vinyl technical. From 2012 and on, Nick helped transform the company into the DMV’s premier provider of arcade games and photo booths. The company became SNAP! Entertainment in 2016, and Nick became the owner a year later. As an entrepreneur who has seen the company grow over the last sixteen years, Nick has an incredible amount of experience in and knowledge of the industry.

Nick has called his last three years of being owner one of the most rewarding opportunities of his life. Even so, every entrepreneur is going to face some challenges, even with almost two decades of events experience. One of the biggest issues for Nick was that his closing process was extremely tedious. Getting clients to sign contracts and pay used to eat up valuable time and would result in weeks without getting paid.

This is where Goodshuffle Pro’s mission to streamline events companies’ processes came in to make Nick’s business even more efficient and effective. With the switch to Goodshuffle Pro cloud-based software, Nick has seen his closing time cut in half, as getting a contract signed is as easy as creating and sending a digital quote with a personalizable template, then simply awaiting an e-signature from a client who is then prompted to pay immediately after signing. Nick no longer has to track what stage of the pipeline the contract is in either!

When looking for a professional software that would fit his needs, Nick needed three things:

  1. A software that would allow him to enter inventory easily
  2. A way to get digital contracts signed quickly
  3. To get paid FAST

Goodshuffle Pro has covered all this and more! Plus, with a dedication for continuous growth and the trust of its users, the company is excited to keep streamlining party rental companies’ businesses.

Goodshuffle Pro has allowed SNAP! Entertainment to:

  • Shorten the sales cycle tremendously
  • Get paid faster
  • Send more quotes and proposals
  • Increase the number of conversions
  • Grow market reach
  • Increase revenue

These results can happen for you too! All-in-one event software can be the first step in major growth for your company.

Nick and his company are just one example of hundreds of Goodshuffle Pro users who have seen incredible growth since joining the team. Want to join Nick and the rest of Goodshuffle Pro users? Schedule a free demo today!

SNAP! Entertainment increases joy in the world by delivering fun experiences and exceptional services to events. We specialize in games, interactive experiences, and photo booths. SNAP! will Deliver The Fun to your next event.

Curious how Goodshuffle Pro can cut your business's closing time in half?

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