Alex Fender

Alex Fender of Funnel Science®. Alex is a Google Certified marketing expert specializing in PPC, SEO and Sales Funnels. Funnel Science® has developed artificial intelligence in a closed-loop marketing sales funnel that is cloud based software. This helps companies maximize online leads, phone calls, and sales. They apply machine learning to the marketing and sales funnel to accelerate your sales. Applying artificial intelligence to sales funnels will allow your business to determine the variables that lead to positive and negative customer purchasing actions. Funnel Science’s uses machine learning algorithms that were developed after testing thousands of clients’ sales funnels. They can manage every step of the optimization process by identifying your biggest bottlenecks in your current sales funnel and work directly with your team to fix the abandonment rate. This is because of their conversion tracking software. The Funnel Science® proprietary software installs in less than 5 minutes. It makes marketing and sales easier to improve the return on investment (ROI). The Funnel Science® CRM software tracks phone calls, online leads, digital marketing campaigns, customers in your sale’s cycle, and the ROI for your company.