Karen Gordon March 13, 2017 at 7:16 AM 4 min read

Tent Calculator: What Size Tent Do I Need?

Choosing a tent size means solving a math equation. However, the tricky part of the math equation comes with the many variables involved in any event.

Factors for deciding what size tent to rent include:

  • How many guests will there be?
  • Will they be standing or seated?
  • How will they be seated?
  • Will there be a bar?
  • A buffet?
  • A dance floor?
  • A DJ? A cake, sign in, or gift table?

So. Many. Questions.

That’s why Goodshuffle created this 3-step Tent Calculator. Simply multiplying the number of guests by X square feet completely ignores the wide variety of needs for different events. Does a seated auction require the same amount of space as a gala with a buffet and large dance floor? How about a seated ceremony vs. a dinner reception? Simply calling an event a “fundraiser” or a “wedding” doesn’t dive into the important details of each event.

Goodshuffle took on these many factors and did the math for you, creating a quick and easy calculator that ensures first-time tent renters and seasoned event planners alike that they’re selecting the perfect size.

tent calculator. Goodshuffle Pro.

Once you have a size, don’t forget to consider heating and cooling, lighting, sidewalls, and more (Lucky for you- we have it all!)

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