Vintage Rentals with a Focus on Service

Vintage Rentals with a Focus on Service

When Morgan Montgomery and Perkins Morgan (yes, really) created Paisley & Jade five years ago, they thought they were starting a product-focused business. However, they quickly realized that their Richmond, Virginia business was far more than just beautiful pieces.

“It’s really all about service,” explained Montgomery. “Your grandma may have beautiful silver you could borrow, but it’s about selecting the perfect pieces, getting them there on time, setting them up in a visually pleasing manner, retrieving them, properly caring for them,” she elaborated.

Paisley&Jade Founders Vintage Rentals. Virginia Events and Weddings Of course, they still describe the business as a “visual display company” at its core. Montgomery and Morgan, whose combined backgrounds are a mix of events and design, love not only acquiring beautiful pieces, but also building custom pieces in-house.

“My favorite items currently are some of our in-house-made wooden cocktail tables. They can fit into any theme and are utilitarian in addition to incredibly aesthetically pleasing,” said Montgomery.

Paisley&Jade Wooden Cocktail Table. Virginia Weddings. DC Area Event Decor

Fitting into many different themes is important these days, she pointed out, as the cookie cutter weddings have become a thing of the past and weddings (and corporate events) have become highly unique.

“That’s one of my favorite parts of the job. You work with such creative people…you can see the same piece used in so many completely different ways,” she said. But, while this constant innovation clearly excites Montgomery, she continues to come back to the service.

“Getting it there, on time, for the person,” she confirms is the key component to top-notch rental company.

Karen Gordon

Karen Gordon

Karen Gordon is the VP of Growth for Goodshuffle. She loves unique events, live entertainment, and puppies.

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